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January 12, 2018

Visualizing 854 Strava Runs

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Before Christmas, Chris Love sent me this tweet to check out:

Uh...HELL YES I want to create this. Chris suggested recreating it in Tableau, which I plan to do next week The Information Lab France. In the meantime, I decided to follow the simple instructions that Marcus posted on github.

The vizzes are built using using rstats and ggplot.

I ran into a few errors at first; upgrading my version of R was all it took to make them go away. The processing is super fast and the outputs are really, really cool. You also have the option to customize the size of the viz. I'm thinking of getting these printed as posters.

Here are the routes of my 854 runs from 2013-2017 as small multiples.

And here are all of the runs I've done around London.

Another really fun couple days learning. Now that I understand how all of this works, it should make prepping the data in Alteryx and creating the viz in Tableau significantly easier.

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