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January 31, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Dynamic Quarter Highlighting

For week 5, I sent Luke and Rody a little challenge to see if they thought it was worthy of a WW. It all started with a question from a customer on Convo, which led me to creating this view, which led to it showing up on WW.

The requirements are simple:

  1. Allow the user to pick a starting month.
  2. Allow the user to filter the years.
  3. Based on the starting month, group the next 6 months into two quarters.
  4. Display the remaining months as individual months.
  5. Color the Quarters separately from the months.
  6. You can used table calcs or LODs.
  7. The quarters must appear in the correct order within the months based on each quarter's starting month.

Here's my solution. Enjoy the challenge!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise. Keep at it. Think about the logic.

  2. I have been keeping an eye on this one as I'm a newbie when it comes to Tableau but also VERY interested in how you accomplished this. Will you be planning on posting a solution at any point?

    1. The solution is posted as the workbook is downloadable.