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January 3, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Looks vs. Personality

This is my last Workout Wednesday challenge for you. Next week, Rody Zakovich will be taking the reins. If you're not familiar with his work, check out his blog. Thank you Rody for continuing this project for the Community!!

Ok, so for week 53, you need to recreate this viz, which is a remake of a viz from YouGov and one which I wrote about before.


  • Get the data from
  • I used the Raleway font, but if you can't use it, don't worry about it.
  • The dot plot must show a close circle for men and an open circle (filled white) for women.
  • There should be two annotations that point to three places.
  • The three places where the annotations points to must show the dots connected.
  • The dashboard is 600x700.
  • Match the title, legend and footer.
  • Match the tooltips.
  • There must be solid vertical lines for 0 and 100 and a dashed line at 50 with labels for each at the top of the viz.
  • There must be white vertical gridlines every 10%.
  • There must be white space between each nationality.

I think that's everything. If not, let me know. Post a link on Twitter and tag @VizWizBI, @EmmaWhyte and @RodyZakovich. Thanks for all of your participation this year and I look forward to seeing how Rody take it forward.

Good luck!


  1. I have a small problem in my viz : How can I change the color of my Axis
    Here is my viz:

    Nice challenge

    1. Hi Oussama. It looks like you have subtotals turned on and they're at the bottom. Is that correct? If so, try changing your band color.

    2. Can you please tell me how to calculate the %age of Ranked looks higher than personality and vice-versa?

    3. You can see the calculation if you download the workbook.

    4. I actually can't. I see you have created a dimension called Measure, and a measure called Value but I can't see how they are calculated. Even if I click on the Data Source tab, it opens a dialog box asking me to choose the data source, and doesn't show me the modified data set. Can you please explain how you compute these fields?

    5. I pivoted the data and renamed the columns. If you download the data and connect to it when it asks, you’ll see that.

  2. Hi Andy. The subtotals are Off. It's Value Axis and I turned the Default Axis Font to White. I need to turn off the Show Header, but when I do it, it takes off also the other Axis in the top (0 50 100).

    1. Yes you need to hide the header. Move your sub totals to the top.

    2. Done.. I think I have managed everything.. Here is my new viz :
      Thanks Andy

  3. Hi Andy, I am curious to know how do you get the information of " Ranked personality higher than looks", how the calculation works? Thanks!

    1. Download the workbook and find out. Part of the challenge is figuring that out.

  4. I downloaded the data from the site but the dimensions and measures are different from the dimensions that you have in your tableau workbook.

  5. I downloaded the data from the site but measures (Values Column ) not there , please reply, i am not able make the view?