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November 9, 2020

#MakeoverMonday Week 45 - Global Share of Nintendo Switch Software & Hardware Sales

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For #MakeoverMonday week 45, we were analyzing the software and hardware units sold across several regions, as defined by Nintendo itself. The data was pretty simple. I started by doing some basic data prep to simplify the names of the fields and to pivot the data to make it easier to compare the years.

In this video, I will first review the initial visualization and talk about what works and what does. I then iterate through several methods for visualizing the data, hoping to find one that works well with this data set. With feedback from the viewers, I was able to create a bar chart that compares the percentage of global units sold of software vs. hardware for Nintendo.

I showed several methods for visualizing the data:

  1. Line charts (several versions)
  2. Stacked bar chart
  3. Side-by-Side Bar
  4. Tables
  5. Scatter plot
  6. Connected scatterplot


  1. Data Set -
  2. Final visualization -
  3. Tableau Color Palette Generator -
  4. Colors from Image Tool -
  5. ASCII character reference -

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