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November 2, 2020

#MakeoverMonday Week 44 - Where do women have more access to the internet and mobile phones than men?

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#MakeoverMonday week 44 is another #Viz5 initiative. The topic this week is access to the internet and mobile phones by gender and country.

First, sorry about the video cutting out at the very end. My mistake.

In this video, I first review the initial visualization and talk about what works and what does. In the end, I went with a quadrant chart, which is a scatter plot with broken up into four quadrants. The viz focuses on only two of the quadrants to highlight the significant difference in the number of countries where women have more access to men for both technologies vs. the opposite.

I showed several methods for visualizing the data:

  1. Side-by-Side Bar
  2. Bar in bar
  3. Bar Graph vs. Reference Line
  4. Barbell
  5. Peas in a pod
  6. Floating bar chart
  7. Slope graph (terrible choice)
  8. Ranked slope graph (even worse choice)
  9. Histograms
  10. Box plot
  11. Scatter plot


  1. Final workbook - LINK
  2. Data set -
  3. Country and region information (Be careful joining this as some country names don't match. You'll want to using data blending and alias the country names to match.) -
  4. Chart Guide -
  5. Interactive chart chooser - 

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