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August 12, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 18: Drinks

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I’m actually on time with this week’s postcard. This meant skipping a few weeks, but I’ll catch up on those. Week 18 was particularly fun for me for several reasons:

  1. My 13-yr old son did the project along with Jeffrey and me. He’s working on a blog post for his creation.
  2. It was fun seeing what I drank (and what I shouldn’t have).
  3. I learned more about custom shapes and table calculations (the learning never, ever stops).
  4. I really like how the postcard turned out; it’s probably my favorite so far.

The data collection was really simple this week. I logged all of my drinks in a Google Sheet: date/time, drink type, and the amount. I’m still having issues with the Web Data Connector for Sheets, so I ended up needing to download the data to Excel and connecting it to Tableau.

I had to rip up two postcards because I messed up. I was trying to use coins for the circles, but it’s quite a pain to fill them in. I really need to buy a stencil kit, but the stationery stores here in London don’t carry them. Instead, my wife suggested using her circular paper cutters from her scrapbooking supplies. I cut holes in the birthday card my sister sent me (sorry sis) and used those for the patterns. This really sped up the process.

My wife also suggested using light pencil lines to sketch a grid on the postcard. This was immensely helpful as well because I had to make sure all of the circles would fit on the postcard and stay neatly aligned. I then used her white eraser to remove the lines at the end.

Lastly, I want to improve my handwriting by way of this project. I’ve always really liked the handwriting of architects. A quick Google (or is it Alphabet) search, turned up this YouTube video that gave me some good ideas and I feel like I’ve made giant strides already.

With all of this in mind, here is the week 18 visualisation. Note: my Friday night was NOT a typical Friday night. I’m fairly certain Jeffrey will be ashamed of me.

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