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August 14, 2015

Does Cheeky Chappie Need to Plug or Flush? An Exasol & Tableau Demo Gone a Bit Astray

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My good friend Paul Chapman stopped by the Data School this morning with his boss to talk about my experience with Exasol and to go through a short demo. We decided to use the 500m+ row dataset that we have at The Information Lab of prescriptions in the UK.

I started building a few things to show off Exasol's amazing performance and when I put the medication on the filters shelf, Paul's boss laughed when he saw "anal plugs" in the list. Naturally, me be the completely immature 42 year old that I am, I had to turn it into a story about Paul, who probably won't call me a friend for much longer. We checked Paul's town and saw many places where he could buy this product, if so he chose.

From there, I decided to spice it up a little bit, adding another medication and created the viz below. Hopefully he's at least happy that I used easyJet's official colors.

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