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January 25, 2021

#MakeoverMonday Week 4 - Coal Production in India

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  1. Watch Me Viz - (also below)
  2. Tableau Workbook -

I'd been looking for a data set about India for quite a while now in an effort to keep the Makeover Monday Community in India engaged. This week, I found one about coal production at various mines across the country. It was an interesting topic to learn about, including why the research was done and the purpose. Read the manuscript for background info here.

The original visualization was a simple bar chart of coal production by District.

What could be improved?

  • There's no title.
  • The District names are way too small. My old eyes can't read it.
  • I don't understand the sorting. I would pick one of the metrics to sort by.
  • The comparisons need to be more clear, if that is the intent.

Watch Me Viz

To see what I built, check out the video below. I iterated through all of the dimensions with a series of bar charts to understand the data. Thank you very much to those that watched to help me understand what some of the values meant!! I ended up with a simple dashboard that allows you to explore the data by producer and mine within each State. See the viz below the video or here.

Final Dashboard (click to interact)

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