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January 3, 2021

#MakeoverMonday Week 1: Quiet Streets & Clean Air - Americans Are Getting Outdoors

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Back in March 2020 when COVID lockdown started in the UK, the streets were amazingly empty, the air got fresher and I saw more and more people outside. You could hear birds chirping on streets you never would have before. And we could ride our bikes right down the middle of the road since there were no cars. The lack of cars was glorious! (COVID isn't of course).

For 2021, #MakeoverMonday gets started with a simple graphic that compares pedestrian and bicycle counter stats for 2019 and 2020 at 31 counters across America. The data is collected by the Rails to Trails Conservancy, and you can learn more about the data here



  • A line chart is a good choice for time series data.
  • The colors are easy to distinguish.
  • The grid lines help guide the eye across the view.


  • Include a more impactful or descriptive title. What is it about?
  • Why are thee weeks missing on the x-axis yet the lines go the full year (or appear to)?
  • The lines could be labeled directly so that you don't have to refer to the color legend to know which lines represents which year.


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